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A trademark for a desktop rotary file of removable cards, usually used for names, addresses, and contact information.


trademark chiefly US a small file for holding names, addresses, and telephone numbers, consisting of cards attached horizontally to a rotatable central cylinder


(ˈroʊ ləˌdɛks)
Trademark. a device for organizing addresses, telephone numbers, etc., consisting of a revolving spindle to which detachable cards are affixed.
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Noun1.Rolodex - (trademark) a desktop rotary card index with removable cards; usually used for names, addresses, and telephone numbers; "a news reporter has to have a good Rolodex"
card index, card catalog, card catalogue - an alphabetical listing of items (e.g., books in a library) with a separate card for each item
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product


nRolodex® m, → Rotationskartei f
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Six years ago, when I first took over Moment and was packing up to move die magazine to a new home, I came across three dusty Rolodexes in a desk drawer.
No calls from other heads of state though--just a bunch of calls from reporters who hadn't yet updated their rolodexes.
Looking down the list of artists, at times one could almost hear Rolodexes revolving: Le Consortium, for example, has worked before with Bertrand Lavier, Maurizio Cattelan, Philippe Parreno, Pierre Huyghe, and Yayoi Kusama, while Pontegnie has organized shows by Christopher Wool, Mike Kelley, and Franz West.
While customers will have to update their Rolodexes and computer address files, Sunrise investors won't have to make much of an adjustment, as the company's stock symbol remains unchanged.
Rolodexes full of A-listers rely on her for their picture-perfect skin, and now make-up artist Alison Raffaele has created a range of bases popular with the likes of Kate Hudson and J.
We had no computers, no phones, no Rolodexes, no camera equipment.
Case in point -- a majority of the real estate sector cards chosen at random from two Rolodexes shared the title "director," From "senior managing director" to "senior executive managing director" to "director," determining who is above whom can be very dicey.
The subject of barebacking is a sensitive one for Donna Red Wing, who says she owns three Rolodexes because she can't bear to throw away the cards of people who have died of AIDS-related complications.
Isn't it worth a little experimenting to find out what would happen if we cleaned out the Rolodexes and learned to listen to new voices?
Magic Cap is General Magic's operating system that can coordinate Rolodexes, file namecards, and create and send e-mail and fax messages.
Sloane is also exploring licensing deals for her desktop accessory collection, which features sleek, satin-finished aluminum Rolodexes, stationery holders and paperweights.
One CPA whose office was destroyed "walked through the rubble picking up pans of Rolodexes, computer disks and so on, not even knowing if they were his because there were several CPAs in the same building," said Bateson.