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Modern Greek.

[Modern Greek Rhōmaikos, from Greek, Roman, from Rhōmē, Rome, from Latin Rōma.]

Ro·ma′ic adj.


(Languages) the modern Greek vernacular, esp Demotic
(Languages) of or relating to Greek, esp Demotic
[C19: from Greek Rhōmaikos Roman, with reference to the Eastern Roman Empire]


(roʊˈmeɪ ɪk)

the Modern Greek language, esp. in the period prior to Greek independence from the Ottoman Empire.
[1800–10; < Greek Rhōmaïkós Roman =Rhōma(îos) Roman + -ikos -ic]


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Noun1.Romaic - the modern Greek vernacular
Modern Greek, New Greek - the Greek language as spoken and written today
Adj.1.romaic - relating to modern Greece or its inhabitants or its language
References in classic literature ?
He already knew Italian, and had also picked up a little of the Romaic dialect during voyages to the East; and by the aid of these two languages he easily comprehended the construction of all the others, so that at the end of six mouths he began to speak Spanish, English, and German.
9 PF M Ac Tropidacris coiiaris 16 PF R Ac Total 2652 Acrid = Acrididae; Pyrgom = Pyrgomorphidae; Romaic = Romaieidae; NE = Numero de Exemplares; FR = Frequencia; PF: Pouco Frequente; MF = Muito Frequente; A = Abundancia; D = Dominante; AB = Abundante; CO = Comum; R = Rara; M = Minima; C = Constancia; Co = Constante; Ac = Acidental; Ace = Acessoria.
Being the official language of the country, Turkish has a certain sense of supremacy over the other languages spoken in the area such as, Romaic, Armenian, Kurdish, and so forth.
decent reply, and we had some talk in Italian and Romaic (her mother