Roman Catholic Pope

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Noun1.Roman Catholic Pope - the head of the Roman Catholic ChurchRoman Catholic Pope - the head of the Roman Catholic Church
papacy, pontificate - the government of the Roman Catholic Church
spiritual leader - a leader in religious or sacred affairs
Catholic - a member of a Catholic church
antipope - someone who is elected pope in opposition to another person who is held to be canonically elected; "the antipopes resided in Avignon during the Great Schism"
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In December 2017, the minister of tourism paid a three-day visit to Vatican City, during which he met with Roman Catholic Pope Francis, who blessed the holy family's journey in Egypt as an official Christian pilgrimage.
The visit of Francis is the first visit by a Roman Catholic pope since 2000, when Pope John Paul II visited Egypt.
Nearly 1,000 years after the Eastern and Western branches of Christianity split apart, the meeting at an airport terminal in Cuba was the first ever between a Roman Catholic pope and a Russian Orthodox patriarch.
Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, who chose the name of Francis is the 266th pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church | TUESDAY, MARCH 12: Cardinals prepare for the start of the conclave to elect the 266th Roman Catholic pope inside the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican.
The pope has been travelling in a custom-built bulletproof car surrounded by security officials as he conducts a four-day visit to the UK, in the country's first state visit by a Roman Catholic pope.

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