Roman Catholicism

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Roman Catholicism

The doctrines, practices, and organization of the Roman Catholic Church.

Roman Catholicism

(Roman Catholic Church) the beliefs, practices, and system of government of the Roman Catholic Church

Ro′man Cathol′icism

the faith, practice, and system of government of the Roman Catholic Church.
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Noun1.Roman Catholicism - the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church based in RomeRoman Catholicism - the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church based in Rome
Catholicism, Catholicity - the beliefs and practices of a Catholic Church
الكَنيسَة الكاثوليكيَّة الرّومانيه
římskokatolická církev
rómversk-kaòólsk trú
rímskokatolícka viera


(ˈrəumən) adjective
1. connected with Rome, especially ancient Rome. Roman coins.
2. (no capital) (of printing) in ordinary upright letters like these.
a person belonging to Rome, especially to ancient Rome.
Roman alphabet
the alphabet in which Western European languages such as English are written.
Roman Catholic (also Catholic)
(a member) of the Christian church which recognizes the Pope as its head.
Roman Catholicism (also Catholicism)
the beliefs, government etc of the Roman Catholic Church.
Roman numerals
I,II,III etc, as opposed to the Arabic numerals 1,2,3 etc.
References in classic literature ?
A man of rank, too, and rich--a man who, if he had continued to serve, might have done anything; and then to throw up the service and everything else in order to go over to Roman Catholicism and turn Jesuit-- openly, too--almost triumphantly.
Roman Catholicism is, so to speak, simply the same thing as unchristianity," he added with flashing eyes, which seemed to take in everybody in the room.
And in the second place, Roman Catholicism is, in my opinion, worse than Atheism itself.
I was merely talking about Roman Catholicism, and its essence--of Rome itself.
For, if one of us goes over to Roman Catholicism, he is sure to become a Jesuit at once, and a rabid one into the bargain.
Why, you wicked man, a cloister implies a monk, and a monk Roman Catholicism.
You think it proves the truth of Roman Catholicism that John Henry Newman wrote good English and that Cardinal Manning has a picturesque appearance?
In a very unusual move, two Iranian converts to Roman Catholicism have been arrested in their home in Urumiyeh by the Pasdaran, the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) has learned.
Newman's family and their attitudes toward him and the Roman Catholicism they initially rejected (but would later embrace) form the subject of Short's second major book on Newman.
Although the prayers are voluntary and were to be held after school hours, some still object to what they characterize as an endorsement of Roman Catholicism.
The focus is Roman Catholicism, however, interrelationships with other Christian denominations and non-Christian religions are also pursued.
Apart from the stark white of the pope's cassock and zucchetto, no color is more immediately identifiable with the public face of Roman Catholicism than the bright scarlet that cardinals wear.