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Noun1.Roman Legion - a division of from 3000 to 6000 men (including cavalry) in the Roman armyRoman Legion - a division of from 3000 to 6000 men (including cavalry) in the Roman army
legion, host - archaic terms for army
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Great Caesar crossed the river there, and the Roman legions camped upon its sloping uplands.
It is one of those old, old towns which impress one as a continuation and outgrowth of nature, as much as the nests of the bower-birds or the winding galleries of the white ants; a town which carries the traces of its long growth and history like a millennial tree, and has sprung up and developed in the same spot between the river and the low hill from the time when the Roman legions turned their backs on it from the camp on the hillside, and the long-haired sea-kings came up the river and looked with fierce, eager eyes at the fatness of the land.
If you missed out on the fun, there is a second opportunity to watch the parade as it returns today to present a double bill with Chester's Roman Legion for their torch lit Saturnalia parade.
CENTURION (2010) THIS extended chase movie follows members of a Roman legion trying to escape northern Britain with murderous locals on their tail.
The National Roman Legion Museum is open as normal.
THE National Roman Legion Museum in Caerleon is receiving PS10,000 - thanks to the Tesco Bags for Help scheme.
The National Roman Legion Museum at Caerleon will be open as usual over the weekend.
Chan's character musters all the allies of China, including a Roman legion led by Cusask, to fight against Brody's Tiberius.
FRIDAY CENTURION C5 10PM Michael Fassbender stars in this historical action as the leader of the Roman legion that, legend has it, vanished while fighting the ancient Picts.
But the Roman Legion faced a battle line of ancient Celts described by Roman writer Tacitus as being "thick with men and weapons, women running between them, like the Furies in their funereal clothes, their hair flowing, carrying torches; and Druids among them, pouring out frightful curses with their hands raised high to the heavens, our soldiers being so scared by the unfamiliar sight that their limbs were paralysed, and they stood motionless and exposed to be wounded".
AUGUST 22-23: Celts take on Romans at the National Roman Legion Museum in Newport.
Contract award: contract services for the gallo-roman party "camp and demonstration of the roman legion.