Roman architecture

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Noun1.Roman architecture - the architecture of ancient RomeRoman architecture - the architecture of ancient Rome  
classical architecture, Greco-Roman architecture - architecture influenced by the ancient Greeks or Romans
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Amazingly at its peak in around 200AD Ephesus was the third-biggest city in the world, and its widely-spread ruins include some of the finest Greek and Roman architecture, with ornamental gateways, fountains, temples and amphi-theatres.
The Temple of Leah, made in the style of Roman architecture, and the stunning 10,000 Roses Cafe were perfect backdrops to capture the couple's undeniable happiness with one another.
If she is right, Roman sanitation paled in comparison to the grandeur of Roman architecture and urban planning, law, literature, and so much more.
The capital (top part) of the columns in the mosque s courtyard are seemingly influenced from Greek and Roman architecture.
We fully understand the importance of successfully delivering the project on time and budget, and of meeting the sheer quality of design, which will combine classical Roman architecture with traditional Arabic building styles.
Meanwhile, the Comedy Nights Bachao set has acquired an outlandish look lately, with Greco- Roman architecture dominating its look.
It was the first of the monumental town halls that came to characterise English Victorian cities, and the first significant work of the 19th century revival of Roman architecture.
This coastal city on the southern tip of Istria has interesting Roman architecture with a well-preserved amphitheatre.
UNESCO says the "remains of the city, especially the temples where Hellenistic and Roman architecture blend with Eastern decorative features, attest to the greatness of its civilisation.
Here are five principles of Roman architecture that urban planners from Eugene or Springfield - or any city, for that matter - can apply to make their cities more beautiful and enduring:
So Spall studied -- still life, real life, drawing in all its forms, even Greek and Roman architecture.
Christine Bleakley and historian Dr Michael Scott (both left) hop in a helicopter to give us a view of what life was like at the time, and how Roman architecture has left a lasting legacy.