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Noun1.Roman times - the time period during which Rome dominated Europe
times - a more or less definite period of time now or previously present; "it was a sign of the times"
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I may say, in short, that I took part in that glorious expedition, promoted by this time to be a captain of infantry, to which honourable charge my good luck rather than my merits raised me; and that day- so fortunate for Christendom, because then all the nations of the earth were disabused of the error under which they lay in imagining the Turks to be invincible on sea-on that day, I say, on which the Ottoman pride and arrogance were broken, among all that were there made happy (for the Christians who died that day were happier than those who remained alive and victorious) I alone was miserable; for, instead of some naval crown that I might have expected had it been in Roman times, on the night that followed that famous day I found myself with fetters on my feet and manacles on my hands.
The Renaissance inherited the old foolish prejudice of Roman times, when, although the writers of plays were the intimate friends of emperors, the actors were thought infamous.
The stream of ancient philosophy in the Alexandrian and Roman times widens into a lake or sea, and then disappears underground to reappear after many ages in a distant land.
Looking at the development of the ancient letter, evidence, format and layout, and authentication, she considers such aspects as the Greek terminology of letters, Hellenistic and Roman times, from the transversa charta to the pagina format, and the recognition of a change of hand in the farewell greeting.
The remains have been identified as dating back to Roman times, but it has yet to be determined who these people were and how their heads ended up buried on the site.
Fish tapeworm was even more common in Roman times than in the earlier Bronze or Iron ages, which Mitchell attributes to the popularity of fermented fish sauce in ancient Rome.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Sixty bodies were found on Sunday in a mass grave dating back to Roman times in a field in the Central Anatolian province of KE-tahya by a farmer plowing the field with a mule.
The company, which is based in Darlington, has been working on a range of structures from those dating back to Roman times to those in the high-tech in the petrochemical sector.
This book provides the reader with a very useful introduction to the Red Sea trade in Ptolemaic and Roman times, on both a regional and an interregional scale.
She lived and died in Roman times and her skeleton was found some 60 years ago in the East Sussex beauty spot which provided her name.
And MPs said the tradition went back to Roman times - when legionnaires were offered Roman citizenship once their duty was complete.
Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust, Winding House and Gelligaer Historical Society will run workshops for the children showing what it was like to live in Roman times including how the Romans stayed clean and what they may have eaten.