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 (rŏm′ə-nē, rō′mə-, rä′mə-)
n. & adj.
Variant of Romani.


(ˈrɒmənɪ; ˈrəʊ-) or


npl -nies or -nis
1. (Peoples)
a. another name for a Gypsy
b. (as modifier): Romany customs.
2. (Languages) the language of the Gypsies, belonging to the Indic branch of the Indo-European family, but incorporating extensive borrowings from local European languages. Most of its 250 000 speakers are bilingual. It is extinct in Britain
[C19: from Romany romani (adj) Gypsy, ultimately from Sanskrit domba man of a low caste of musicians, of Dravidian origin]


or Rom•a•ni

(ˈrɒm ə ni, ˈroʊ mə-)

1. the Indo-Aryan language traditionally spoken by the Gypsies, comprising a broad range of dialects.
2. the Gypsies collectively.
3. of or pertaining to the Gypsies or Romany.
[1805–15; < Romany, feminine of romano, adj. derivative of rom Rom]
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Noun1.Romany - a member of a people with dark skin and hair who speak Romany and who traditionally live by seasonal work and fortunetellingRomany - a member of a people with dark skin and hair who speak Romany and who traditionally live by seasonal work and fortunetelling; they are believed to have originated in northern India but now are living on all continents (but mostly in Europe, North Africa, and North America)
Indian - a native or inhabitant of India
gitana - a Spanish female Gypsy
gitano - a Spanish male Gypsy
2.Romany - the Indic language of the Gypsies
Sanskrit, Sanskritic language - (Hinduism) an ancient language of India (the language of the Vedas and of Hinduism); an official language of India although it is now used only for religious purposes
Adj.1.Romany - of or relating to the Gypsies or their language or culture; "Romani nomads"; "Romany folk songs"; "a Gypsy fortune-teller"
čigoniškasčigonųčigonų kalba


A. ADJgitano
B. N
1.gitano/a m/f
2. (Ling) → romaní m, lengua f gitana; (in Spain) → caló m


Roma mf
(Ling) → die Zigeunersprache (neg!), → Romani nt
adj language, cultureder Roma; Romany gypsyRom m, → Zigeuner(in) m(f) (neg!)


1. adjzingaresco/a
2. n (person) → zingaro/a; (language) → lingua degli zingari
References in classic literature ?
They are fearless and without religion, save superstition, and they talk only their own varieties of the Romany tongue.
A MAN who led a convoy of Romany caravans 240 miles across North Wales has handed PS12,000 over to cancer charities.
Canada) to publish a book about the secret routes and ways of life of the Romany Gypsy community by Damian Le Bas, who comes from a centuries-old line of Romany Gypsies, literary news company Book2Book revealed on Monday.
CHARLIE Chaplin's son says he is "honoured" to have been invited to unveil a memorial to the 'Black Patch' Romany Gypsies Michael Chaplin is due to visit Smethwick today in a high-profile acknowledgement that the silent screen legend may have been born in the West Midlands.
WHENEVER my Great Granny Chinn used to walk down The Lane, Ladypool Road in Sparkbrook and pass a Romany Gypsy, invariably that person would stop and greet her with the word ''sister'', as if she were one of their own.
Naming his band after a Lane song, Kuschty Rye, which befitting Lane's attempt to emulate a gypsy lifestyle was a Romany term that loosely translated means a "good gentleman, someone in touch with the Romany ways, he gives us an album of jaunty acoustic singalongs which do have a louche swagger about them.
In a dark room, background music playing, Michael Romany pours sand on the glass table in front of him.
ROMANY Ryme should make a decent fist of things in the DM Keith Skoda & Seat Maiden Hurdle at Wetherby.
His second book Romany and Tom is a moving account of his parents' lives and their tempestuous relationship.
And now, almost two decades on, Watt is back with Romany And Tom, a beautifully tender portrait of his parents' lives.
Romany Mitchell, 21, was injured in a 30ft fall from the third floor of a five-star hotel on the island of Phuket.
NOON I'd stroll to the beach in the Gower, Swansea, and hang out in a Ty Gwyneth Romany Caravan, lunching on local seafood.