adv.1.Toward Rome, or toward the Roman Catholic Church.
a.1.Tending or directed toward Rome, or toward the Roman Catholic Church.
To analyze the crisis in its Anglican rather than in its Romeward aspect.
- Gladstone.
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Farther then I fared, Feeling my way on through the hot and dense, Romeward, until I found the wayside inn
Of this 'bastardly brood' of 'popish priests' he singled out one man in particular, John Cosin (1595-1672), a fellow cathedral prebend at Durham and a prominent religious thinker, whom he blamed for leading this Romeward assault.
JOHN GREIG saw the lights go on in the Hampden main stand on a murky night in November 1965 - and decided it was time to send Italy Romeward to think again.