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n.1.A method of notation for all spoken sounds, proposed by Mr. Sweet; - so called because it is based on the common Roman-letter alphabet. It is like the palæotype of Mr. Ellis in the general plan, but simpler.
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Estos profesores basaron el AFI en el Romic Alfabet realizado por Henry Sweet entre 1880 y 1881, que se formo a partir del Phonotypic Alfabet elaborado por Isaac Pitman y Alexander John Ellis en 1847.
Rahelic D, Kujundzic M, Romic Z, Brkic K, Petrovecki M.
The city of East Pale Alto was home to Romic Environmental Technologies,
Police are doing their work", Commissioner Chol told Sudan Tribune from Romic, the area's administrative headquarters.
This is happening in Tonj, Wunrok, Turalei in Greater Gogrial and Romic in Greater Tonj.