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 (rŏn′sə-vălz′, rôn′thĕs-väl′yĕs)
A mountain pass, 1,057 m (3,468 ft) high, through the western Pyrenees in northern Spain. According to tradition, the Frankish hero Roland died there fighting the Basques during Charlemagne's retreat from a failed campaign against the Moors (778).


(ˈrɒnsəˌvælz; Spanish rɔnθesˈβaʎes)
(Placename) a village in N Spain, in the Pyrenees: a nearby pass was the scene of the defeat of Charlemagne and death of Roland in 778. French name: Roncevaux


(ˌrɒn səsˈvɑ yɛs, ˈrɒn səˌvælz)

a village in N Spain, in the Pyrenees: defeat of part of Charlemagne's army and the death of Roland A.D. 788. French, Ronce•vaux (rɔ̃sˈvoʊ)
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The bright region of Iapetus is called Roncevaux Terra.
The episode of the Rout of Roncevaux was modified by Lodico in order to appeal to the audiences' ideal of sense of honor which permeates Sicilian life and culture.
While Hemingway was writing the first draft of "Big Two-Hearted River" in 1924, he was fishing around Roncevaux in the Pyrenees--in the same landscape Jake and Bill later fish in The Sun Also Rises.
This is swell country--Just on the Spanish slope of Roncevaux.
8 MW Roncevaux project, which is scheduled for completion in December 2016 and will use GE turbines.
David Erdman connects the imagery in this scene to "the dubious battles of history, including Roncevaux and the civil strife in Paris," but the vision of struggling masses crowded together in miserable, bestial conditions, as well as the imagery of warfare, also echoes the rhetoric commonly used to describe city slums during the period.
La legende est dans tous les esprits: Roland affronte les Maures a Roncevaux et y perit, apres avoir ete trahi par Ganelon.
Le dernier soupir du maure [beaucoup moins que]Souspiro del Moro[beaucoup plus grand que] par le prince Abou Abdallah qui perd la ville de Grenade, ou encore le passage des troupes andalouses du sultan Abderrahamane dans la ville du sud de la France, Ramatuelle, appele autrefois Rahma'tu Allah a la gloire des vainqueurs de Roncevaux oE Roland le neveu de Charlemagne donna du cor pour sonner la defaite des Francs face aux Maures.
Enfatiza la novela la naturaleza de la literatura epica, pues hallamos citas de los versos de Roland y de Charlemagne en la batalla de Roncevaux, de la obra La Chanson de Roland (8) "chanson de geste" del siglo XII.
And we did a few years later, Roncevaux then out to Compostelle.
Their greatest moments come in the Song of Roland, which depicts their defence of Charlemagne's army against the Saracens of Al-Andalus, and their deaths at the Battle of Roncevaux Pass.
In the church at Roncevaux they listened to a priest telling the history and realized this was like the experience medieval pilgrims had listening to the epics or cantilenes.