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n. Slang
A tablet of the sedative flunitrazepam.

[Probably alteration (influenced by roof) of Rohypnol.]


(Medicine) drugs slang a dose of the sedative drug flunitrazepam


(ˈru fi)
Slang. Rohypnol.
[1990–95, Amer.; allegedly fr. its use by roofers]
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21#6] until she said she attracts women with "a pocketful of roofies.
Street names include Roofies, Rophies, Roche, Forget-me Pill, Circles, Mexican Valium, Rib, Roach-2, Roopies, Rope, Ropies, Ruffies, and Roaches (14).
So the idea is to celebrate making it through the morgue by bath of us popping a couple roofies tonight to see what it does to us; we know the date-rape drug isn't exactly recreational, but we're both curious.
Street names for Rohypnol include Roofies, R2, Roofenol, Roche, Roachies, La Rocha, Rope, Rib, Circles, Mexican Valium, Roach-2, Roopies, Ropies, Forget Pill, Trip-and-Fall and Mind Erasers.
All there, safe and unsound, a handful of white Roofies for the partner of my choosing.
In 2005 his film Roofies was awarded the Best Medium Film prize at the Gothenberg International Film Festival.
E (ecstasy), dust, acid, weed, mushrooms, nitrous, GHB, coke, crack, k (ketamine), opium, roofies, and tons of pills.
Other street names for the drugs include jellies, eggs, norries, rugby balls, vallies, moggies, mazzies, roofies and downers.
South Wales Police, Venture Wales, Entrepreneur Action, the Chamber of Commerce, Cardiff Council, and drinks safety charity the Roofies Foundation, have also backed the scheme.
Rohypnol - known as Roofies - is used to treat extreme sleep disorders.
The kit will allow revellers to test their drinks for drugs such as Ketamine, GHM and Benzodiazpines, which include Rohypnol ( known on the streets as Roofies.