a.1.Being without room or rooms.
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This specific type of elevator is called a machine roomless or MRL elevator.
Some new home elevators on the market are machine roomless units that don't require a separate room to operate.
Examples of energy savings without efficiency improvements include heating a roomless in winter or using the car less.
Seth Stein, the man who designed Peter Mandelson's home (they didn't say who paid his bill) has turned a 19th-century stable block into a series of roomless zones with a shower view of St Paul's.
In a single day, actually in a minute or two, her belongings had been eaten alive by fire, and Pi was left alone, roomless and objectless, to make some sense of their going.
three lifts as follows: 1x 1 000 kg without load, 1x 630 kg with through-loading, 1x 630 kg without through-loading, All lift systems barrier-free and machine roomless.
Having been told by a helpful, but roomless, Arbroath landlady on Wednesday night that there are 130,000 wandering golf fans all trying to find accommodation, I have cause to wonder where they've all gone when I do get out on the course.
necessary substitute measures and the risk analysis for the existing shaft head height, in machine roomless variant, are services of the contractor.
elevator indirectly hydraulically, 2 stops, machine roomless, - 1 lift with cable drive, 6 stops, machine roomless, - 1 elevator indirectly hydraulic, 3 stops, engine room in the basement, laterally offset, - 1 lift with cable drive, 6 stops, engine room in the basement, laterally offset.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Machine Roomless And Gearless Type Passenger Lift/Elevator Of 20 Passenger/1360 Kg Capacity For Railway Station Foot Over Bridges As Per Chief Electrical Engineer% East Coast Railway bhubaneswars ,Supply As Per Ceefspecs In Annexure.
Machine roomless passenger cable lift with 4 stops, carrying capacity 630 kg / 8 persons, delivery height approx.
2x machine roomless lift 1600 kg / 21 persons, 2x smoking by means of smoke suction system and roof hood with louvre windows for flat roofs.