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Adj.1.Rooseveltian - of or relating to or like or in the manner of Franklin Roosevelt
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It is pretty generally admitted that Geoffrey Chaucer, the eminent poet of the fourteenth century, though obsessed with an almost Rooseveltian passion for the new spelling, was there with the goods when it came to profundity of thought.
Lilla argues that for much of the twentieth century, Rooseveltian liberalism was a unifying and positive force in American politics and culture.
In Connell's view, Rooseveltian liberalism "saw government as the foundation for pursuing the collective good.
But where the New Deal went full throttle on innovation, President Barack Obama's Rooseveltian instincts were curbed by 21st-century economic realities, obsession with deficits, and Republican intransigence.
Nothing in the Constitution requires that, when the President discharges his duty to 'address the Congress at the opening of its regular session,' he or she must do so with Lincolnesque eloquence or with a Rooseveltian sense of occasion.
129) Professor Ackerman sees signaling in the election of Roosevelt and the popular movement behind him; he sees the growth of an active federal government that can truly regulate commercial activity as the proposal; triggering in Roosevelt's first reelection; ratification in Roosevelt's second reelection (even in spite of his court-packing plan); and consolidation when, in later years, even the Republicans simply accepted the new Rooseveltian federal government as constitutionally permissible.
Cross's search for an autonomous and consistent Rooseveltian internationalism--one "not cloned from TR or Wilson" (p.
John Augustine Ryan, chose not to emphasize Pope Leo's clear proscription of socialism in favor of advocating for Rooseveltian dirigisme, others, such as Fr.
foreign policy's Rooseveltian priority, now labeled "detente," sought to integrate the Communist world into the world order.
To lick his wounds, he set off in virtual Rooseveltian character for a lengthy world tour.
quoting Torbjorn Sirevag, Rooseveltian Ideas and the 1937 Court Fight: A Neglected Factor, 33 HISTORIAN 578, 579 (1971)).