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Noun1.Rorschach - a projective tests using bilaterally symmetrical inkblots; subjects state what they see in the inkblot
projective device, projective technique, projective test - any personality test designed to yield information about someone's personality on the basis of their unrestricted response to ambiguous objects or situations
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Effectively barring use of sexual orientation testing as an invasion of "the most intimate aspects" of life, the Court of Justice found that the unidentified man from Nigeria should not have been pressured into examinations that included drawing a picture of a person in the rain and the Rorschach ink-blot test.
Using the Rorschach Performance Assessment System (R-PAS)
Invitation to tender: Pipe work for the rwsg line sww rorschach - hdpw advised
A mind-bending literary Rorschach test of a novel, An Elegant Theory evades strict conclusions.
It should be highlighted that this test originated in the classical and internationally used Rorschach method, whose creator Hermann Rorschach already clearly discussed the relation between colors and affects, emotions and interpersonal relationships.
El test de Rorschach ha adoptado a lo largo de su historia distintos marcos teoricos: teorias gestalticas, psicoanaliticas y mas recientemente cognitivas, han dado soporte al analisis del mismo (Exner, 1969).
Additionally, the Rorschach, H-F-Ds, sentence completion methods, and the TAT were ranked among the top 15 tests in all but 3 of these 28 studies.
MARGIE/Intuit House book prize, 2008), and Rorschach Art (Red Hen
In psychology, what is the common name for the Rorschach Test?
The Rorschach test proved to be a useful tool to research not only psychological but also physical pathologies (Vazquez, 1991, 1994).
Alan Moore's Rorschach in Watchmen and Thomas Wolfe's George Webber in You Can't Go Home Again are the prominent male protagonists in their respective stories; both are characterized by a compulsion to express their dissatisfaction with current social systems and protocols.
Politics, technology, pop culture, autobiography, and modern media myth are the Rorschach blots by which Durbin guides the reader through the space he has carved between objective reality and subjective experience.