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a.1.Consisting of roses; rosy.
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PHILADELPHIA, March 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based preeminent law firm Lubell Rosen recently opened an office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, due to increased demand for service, reflecting its ongoing success.
WORCESTER -- Gary Rosen is returning to the City Council, unseating three-term District 5 Councilor William J.
Rosen sheltered six children who showed up on his driveway after they had fled the school.
2) These interpretations of Rosen correctly report a litany of false inferences, misplaced claims, forced conclusions, strident pronouncements, and in one case, an important misquotation.
The Supreme Court By Jeffrey Rosen $25, Times Books/Henry Holt
Trained as a linguist, Rosen has become a kind of visual rhetorician, manipulating words--via juxtaposition, scale, and color--in order to highlight their inherent fluidity and its complex implications.
In response to these and other dilemmas, Rosen and Proctor's edited collection offers an ambitiously comprehensive look at the development of practice guidelines, conceptualized as a concrete tool for social work practitioners seeking to utilize an evidence-based approach.
Rosen Aviation Displays LLC, a maker of flat-panel display screens, is proposing a new building in the Greenhill Technology Park off Highway 126 in west Eugene.
Our old thinking was that every woman going through menopause will lose bone, but we now know that isn't true," says Clifford Rosen, director of the Maine Center for Osteoporosis Research at the University of Maine.
Rosen (who is considered one of the "fathers" of the PC industry for funding Lotus and Compaq on their way up the tech ladder).
Which leads us to the temple's cantor, Sharone Rosen, and the church's choir director, John Scott, who also sings in the Jewish choir.
Sandy Rosen, a vice president with the company, notes that when the company installed its single-stream processing system three years ago, it was one of the first to do so away from the West Coast, and probably the first in a place with a harsh winter climate.