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n.1.A rosier; a rosebush.
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Roser notes that there was never a headline saying,"The Industrial Revolution Is Happening," even though that was the most important news of the last 250 years.
Notable guests included Tony Huber, Australian Consul General for Western India; Vinod Daniel, CEO, India Vision Institute; Vivek Mendonsa, Director, Lawrence and Mayo, Mumbai; Kishor Sarsolkar, MD, Mukta Drishti Foundation; Roser Mendonsa, National Association for the Blind, Goa; and Dr Pradeep Naik, Dean, Goa Medical College and Hospital.
The UN has calculated that 200 years ago, humans totaled less than 1 billion but this has expanded to more than 7 billion living humans today (Ortiz-Ospina and Roser, 2016).
Entre ellos se cuenta Roser Bru, actualmente su presidenta honoraria.
Their attacking options have been severely hampered by the departure of last season's top goalscorer Stefan Kutschke to Ingolstadt, although they will be encouraged that new boy Lucas Roser got off the mark in last week's victory over Duisberg.
OWID is the creation of Max Roser, a University of Oxford economist who is concerned with inclusive and sustainable growth.
Concentrating on making money through manufacturing, Roser shows how different developments over time raised efficiency and allowed the production of more with less effort and materials, bringing some people the wealth and prosperity they enjoy today.
Hay estudios que han revisado el valor educativo y el uso didactico del patrimonio cultural (algunos ejemplos: Roser Calaf Masachs, Arte para todos, Ediciones TREA, 2003; Josep Ballart, Gestion del patrimonio cultural, Ariel Patrimonio, 2002).
Vellosillo, Merce Escardo, Victor Moreno, Italo Calvino, Roser Ros y Emili Teixidor.
Key Personnel: Mel Weiss, Chairman, Board of Directors; Craig Weiss, President; Lon Weiss, Chief Operating Officer; Joy Frank, Executive Vice President; William Neumann, Vice President, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs; Leslie Eberspeacher, Manager, Technical Services; Cathleen Roser, Account Manager
A little farther to the north is Roser Park, named after the man who invented the fig Newton.
Roser was a childless, wealthy Catalan who was the benefactress of Ignatius Loyola.