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n.1.A rosier; a rosebush.
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A little farther to the north is Roser Park, named after the man who invented the fig Newton.
Mary Roser was promoted to Operations Supervisor at the Johansen Branch, working for First National for almost a decade.
In Roser, (37) the United States District Court of the Western District of Pennsylvania considered whether an exclusion clause only referenced in a website link should be incorporated into a contract.
It is a small product with an enormous heart capable with extremely bright, crisp images,” said Alan Roser, SIM2 UK CEO.
The term 'data scientist' is so new, we don't yet have it in our job descriptions at Fermilab," says physicist Robert Roser, head of the Scientific Computing Division at this national laboratory in Batavia, Illinois.
The bank said that it has named James O Roser as new chief information officer for the firm.
Angie Roser of Springfield and Teresa Ward of Eugene came to the event together.
Another method, described by Siegfried Roser of Germany's University of Heidelberg, determined a distance of 410 light-years.
29-31: VISION 2013 Consumer Products Conference, Roser Centre Hotel, Orlando, FL: INDA, 919-233-1210; Fax: 919233-1282; info@inda.
CAN'T SEE THE WOOD FOR THE TREES: Hayley Carmichael, George Costigan and Roser Cami in rehearsals for Forests.
Forests features as international cast led by Catalan actors Josep Maria Pou, Roser Cami, Maika Makovski and English actors Hayley Carmichael, George Costigan, Christopher Simpson and Katy Stephens.
The Tevatron experiments accomplished the goals that we had set with this data sample," said Fermilab's Rob Roser, cospokesperson for the CDF experiment at DOE's Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.