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(Placename) the former name of Rashid


(roʊˈzɛt ə)

a town in N Egypt, on the Nile. 36,700.
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This year, 50 Rosetta interns across five offices teamed up with The Centers in the redesign, development, testing, and launch of a new user experience at www.
Rosetta Cancer Tests are a series of microRNA-based diagnostic testing services offered by Rosetta Genomics.
Rosetta Genomics (Nasdaq: ROSG) is a leader in the field of microRNA.
Alexander believes the Rosetta mission represents this generation's attempt to explore an entirely new environment.
We get mixed reactions,'' said Rosetta, who has raised about $4,000 over two years for Washington-based nonprofit SOS Children's Villages, which operates 450 orphanages worldwide.
This order of the Rosetta Resolver system by a biopharmaceutical company of the caliber of Immunex is further evidence of the strength of the Rosetta Resolver gene expression system for the analysis of the genetic causes of disease in combination with DNA microarrays," said Stephen Friend, M.
Dear Uncertain but Hurt: Rosetta may be right about some women having a soft spot in their hearts for a past love, but that doesn't justify keeping the old letters on the closet shelf where the husband can see them every day of his life.
The Nexus Engine amplifies Adobe Marketing Cloud's ability to integrate customer information and interactions across all major touch points and channels, including, commerce, direct, media, in-store, online, customer relationship management (CRM) programs, call center and more through its unique intellectual property around its relevance logic," said Rosetta Chief Executive Officer Eric Healy.
The district seeks to use the Rosetta Stone solution as a resource to build speaking confidence, increase classroom engagement and enhance learners' proficiency in English.
This year, 40 Rosetta interns across six offices teamed up with The Centers to develop actionable marketing strategies for The Learning Coalition, a federally-funded collaborative launched in 2013.