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 (rō-sē′nē), Gioacchino Antonio 1792-1868.
Italian composer whose numerous operas include The Barber of Seville (1816) and William Tell (1829).


(Biography) Gioacchino Antonio (dʒoakˈkiːno anˈtɔːnjo). 1792–1868, Italian composer, esp of operas, such as The Barber of Seville (1816) and William Tell (1829)


(roʊˈsi ni, rɔ-)

Gio•ac•chi•no Antonio (ˌdʒoʊ əˈki noʊ) 1792–1868, Italian composer.
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Noun1.Rossini - Italian composer remembered for his operas (1792-1868)Rossini - Italian composer remembered for his operas (1792-1868)
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An empty violin case in one corner faced a broken bust of Rossini in another.
Dutocq believes in the principles of the grand air composed by the sublime Rossini for Basilio,--which goes to show, by the bye, that the great composer was also a great politician.
Van De Velde took it upon himself to issue Charleroi striker Giuseppe Rossini with a yellow card for removing his shirt after scoring against Mons.
Rossini, 41, of 74 Crosby Road, Grafton, had been under house arrest on a GPS system since his arraignment in Westboro in May.
Two vessels CGM Rossini and Battery Park sailed out to sea or Thursday morning.
Ms Racontore demonstrated her operatic credentials to the full: a little-known lament about a royal wedding guest with no frock to wear, from a rediscovered Rossini comic opera, may seem trite.
La scala di seta) that Rossini wrote for the Venetian Teatro San Moise, which specialized in the genre, as a teenager (all were written before he reached the age of 21).
Although Rossini is a well respected composer of opera, his song literature is to a large extent unknown, or, at best, underperformed.
The programme included Rossini and Mendelssohn, two composers steeped in the classical tradition.
The Rossini overture, which opened the program, was too carefully played.
Monday, Hamilton: Joel Natty Maiden Stakes (3-4yo, 1m3f)Brads House (3 c Rossini - Gold Stamp, by Golden Act) Breeder: John Lyons Owner: The Cross Racing Club Trainer: J G M O'Shea Brads House stayed on well to deny the Queen's more regally bred Flag Lieutenant.
In the case of Rossini, Cortese points out that "the whole piece is theme and variations.