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(Placename) transliteration of the Russian name for Russia


(ˈrʌʃ ə)

1. Also called Russian Empire . Russian, Rossiya. a former empire in E Europe and N and W Asia: overthrown by the Russian Revolution 1917. Cap.: St. Petersburg (1703–1917).
4. a republic extending from E Europe to N and W Asia. 146,393,569; 6,592,849 sq. mi. (17,075,400 sq. km.). Cap: Moscow. Official name, Russian Federation. Also called Rus′sian Repub′lic. Formerly (1918–91), Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic.
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Speaking to the Russian TV news network Rossiya 24, Fomin expressed concerns about the situation in the security zone near al-Tanf town on the Syrian-Iraqi borders, adding that it is used to train and rearm the terrorists under the supervision of special operations forces and other units of the United states.
The Presidential Address will be broadcast live by television channels Rossiya 1, Rossiya 24 and Channel One.
From my point of view, there is still no real competitor for Putin, not even close," presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with the Rossiya 24 TV channel, TASS reported.
Sharjah International Airport has received maiden flight of Rossiya Airlines from Saint Petersburg and Ekaterinburg in Russia.
The bus, which was carrying migrant workers from Uzbekistan, was shunted several hundred metres down the track, Russia's Rossiya 24 TV channel reported.
The Syrian government troops supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces have recaptured from militants twice as much territory over the past two months as the area controlled by the Syrian government in 2015, Shoigu told the Rossiya 1 TV channel.
The apex bank is also considering inviting a unit of Bank Rossiya group to bail out the troubled lender.
We had hoped that the situation will somehow change, but apparently if it changes, it won't be soon," Mr Putin said in an interview televised on Rossiya 1, explaining why Moscow decided to retaliate.
Daimler AG (NYSE: DAI), a Germany-based automaker, is planning to assemble Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Russia in 2018, Rossiya 24 television channel has reported, citing governor of the Moscow region, Andrei Vorobyov.
Sputnik is part of the Russian state information agency Rossiya Segodnya, headed by Dmitry Kiselyov who has been included in the European Union's sanctions list following his propaganda supporting Russia's incursion into Ukraine.
Rossiya 1 news channel ran the report on Friday night and quoted what it said was a member of the crash investigation commission.
Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Putin, denied during an interview on Rossiya 24 that Russia had achieved "victory" over terrorism, and he criticized the West for a  a "deficit of political will" in tackling the problem.