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 (rōs-vē′tä) also Hrot·svi·tha (hrōt-svē′tä) c. 935-c. 1000.
German nun and poet whose dialogues, modeled on ancient Roman plays, represent an early stage in the revival of European drama.
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Inge Fleischer, Berthold Hinz, Inge Schipper, and Roswitha Mattausch contended that subjectivity in Friedrich's representations of nature actually approaches intersubjectivity.
Roswitha Rust Cesaratto is a PhD candidate at Indiana University Bloomington in the Department of Germanic Studies.
Bob leaves wife Roswitha and two sons, Jared of Nashville, TN and Jeremy of Addison, TX.
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O tambien, el dialogo con la critica del valor (grupo Krisis/Exit, Robert Kurz, Roswitha Scholz, Moishe Postone) habria servido para defender una idea mas consistente de los limites de la acumulacion capitalista, que no son solo limites externos sino tambien internos, asociados a su forma especifica de riqueza y su peculiar dinamica.
Seated are Olivia Haludilu from the University of Namibia, mentor Roswitha Kandjii from Anpris Enterprise and a Swiss exchange student, Eveliene Dbhring, who attended as observer.
Sur l'esthetique de Brecht, voir les ouvrages de Georges Didi-Huberman et Roswitha Mueller.
Dr Roswitha Prohaska, also a diving and hyperbaric medicine consultant, explained that the participants were made to go through a clinical examination to assess their medical fitness.
We thank all the laboratories who took part in the study and Roswitha Kleiber and Christine Hanker-Dusel for technical assistance.