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a.1.(Zool.) Bovine.
Rother beasts
cattle of the bovine genus; black cattle.
Rother soil
the dung of rother beasts.
- Golding.
n.1.A rudder.
Rother nail
a nail with a very full head, used for fastening the rudder irons of ships; - so called by shipwrights.
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So he told them how he had come from York to the sweet vale of Rother, traveling the country through as a minstrel, stopping now at castle, now at hall, and now at farmhouse; how he had spent one sweet evening in a certain broad, low farmhouse, where he sang before a stout franklin and a maiden as pure and lovely as the first snowdrop of spring; how he had played and sung to her, and how sweet Ellen o' the Dale had listened to him and had loved him.
The gradual convergence between the on- and off-shore tax regimes and the ongoing modernisation of tax administration with a view to improve tax compliance are reform commitments supported by the Extended Fund Facility (EFF)," Rother was cited as saying in a press release published on Wednesday evening.
Le responsable du Fonds monetaire international (FMI), Bjorn Rother a confirme que les discussions effectuees par la mission du Fonds avec les responsables tunisiens ont ete positives et fructueuses tout en affirmant que le decaissement de la 3eme tranche aura bien lieu au cours du mois de janvier ou fevrier 2018.
Norman Stockwell wrote a good article about Blessed Stanley Rother (NCR, Oct.
BjE[micro]rn Rother visited Tunis from April 7 -- 18, 2017, to conduct the first review of Tunisia's economic program supported by
Stratford-on-Avon District Council approved an application by the Malmaison Hotel du Vin Group to convert the Rother Street properties into a new 48-bedroom hotel.
Jean Rother, RN, MS is the 2015 Nurse of the Year for DNA 20.
The three key threat areas highlighted by the Ribena test are Great Grimsby, Lincs, Rother Valley, South Yorks, and Dudley North, West Mids.
Via, Rother, and Tramontano explain how life scientists with no programming experience can learn enough computer programming to speed up the management and analysis of their data, deal with large amounts of data, repeat the same kind of analysis several times, parse files with unusual formats, and conduct other operations associated with research.
He was accused of perjuring himself by lying about his relationship with his long-standing model, Bertha Rother.
Editors Cizza (diabetes, endocrinology & obesity, National Institutes of Health) and Rother (pediatric diabetes & metabolism, National Institutes of Health) present this lecture series compilation on the brain's role in modulating body weight and mediating obesogenic environmental influences.
But they are comparisons Michael Rother brushes off fairly nonchalantly.