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a.1.(Zool.) Bovine.
Rother beasts
cattle of the bovine genus; black cattle.
Rother soil
the dung of rother beasts.
- Golding.
n.1.A rudder.
Rother nail
a nail with a very full head, used for fastening the rudder irons of ships; - so called by shipwrights.
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So he told them how he had come from York to the sweet vale of Rother, traveling the country through as a minstrel, stopping now at castle, now at hall, and now at farmhouse; how he had spent one sweet evening in a certain broad, low farmhouse, where he sang before a stout franklin and a maiden as pure and lovely as the first snowdrop of spring; how he had played and sung to her, and how sweet Ellen o' the Dale had listened to him and had loved him.
The three key threat areas highlighted by the Ribena test are Great Grimsby, Lincs, Rother Valley, South Yorks, and Dudley North, West Mids.
Editors Cizza (diabetes, endocrinology & obesity, National Institutes of Health) and Rother (pediatric diabetes & metabolism, National Institutes of Health) present this lecture series compilation on the brain's role in modulating body weight and mediating obesogenic environmental influences.
The full interview with Christopher Rother can be accessed in the complimentary eBook: http://bit.
But they are comparisons Michael Rother brushes off fairly nonchalantly.
A number of town centre streets will be closed from 5am on Thursday October 11 until 6am on Saturday October 13, including Rother Street, Bridge Street, Henley Street, and High Street.
Paul and Barry will perform two showings of Return of the Pirates of the River Rother 2: In Stranger Tights at Venue Cymru.
Rother, an Oklahoma City arch-diocesan priest, became pastor of San Lucas Tollman, in 1965.
Rother doesn't skimp on the lurid details, including Deleon unsuccessfully attempting to cut off his penis with a razor blade in jail.
The money was donated to Conservatives in Rother Valley, South Yorkshire, last November by a Mohammed Nabi, said the Electoral Commission.
The event took place among tough conditions at the Rother Valley Triathlon Festival.
Francesca Anobile was injured with three other girls after crashing on a makeshift sledge in Rother Valley Country Park in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, yesterday afternoon.