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 (rŏth′chīld, rŏths′-, rôth′-, rôths′-, rōt′shĭlt′)
German family of bankers, including Mayer Amschal (1744-1812), who founded a bank at Frankfurt am Main. His sons, most notably Salomon Mayer (1774-1855) and Nathan Mayer (1777-1836), established branches of the bank throughout Europe.


(ˈrɒθtʃaɪld; ˈrɒθs-)
1. (Biography) Lionel Nathan, Baron de Rothschild. 1809–79, British banker and first Jewish member of Parliament
2. (Biography) his grandfather Meyer Amschel (ˈmaiər ˈamʃəl). 1743–1812, German financier and founder of the Rothschild banking firm
3. (Biography) his son, Nathan Meyer, Baron de Rothschild. 1777–1836, British banker, born in Germany


(ˈrɔθ tʃaɪld, ˈrɔθs-, rɒθ-, ˈrɒθs-)

1. Mayer Amschel, 1743–1812, German banker: founder of the Rothschild family and international banking firm.
2. his son, Nathan Mayer, Baron de, 1777–1836, English banker, born in Germany.
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Noun1.Rothschild - any of family of powerful Jewish bankers in EuropeRothschild - any of family of powerful Jewish bankers in Europe
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Did you ever hear of Rothschild or Baring dropping a fourpenny-piece down a gutter-hole?
What may seem a small sum to a Rothschild may seem a large sum to me, and it is not the fault of stakes or of winnings that everywhere men can be found winning, can be found depriving their fellows of something, just as they do at roulette.
It was wonderful to hear him talk about millions, and agios, and discounts, and what Rothschild was doing, and Baring Brothers.
1998) paper has been subsequently cited by the Rothschilds (Rothschild and Rothschild 1999; Rothschild 2000), the persistence of this factual error is beyond my ability to fathom.
The accused had reportedly made use of their comprehensive knowledge of business practices in the financial house Rothschild, and had instructed Rothschild partner French to transfer 654,000 Microsoft stocks from an unknowing Rothschild client to the account of the board member's company in Ohio.
said that it expects majority shareholder Domaines Barons de Rothschild to extend its cash offer to buy the Napa Valley winemaker to Aug.
Constellation Brands, the world's largest wine company, Domaines Barons de Rothschild of France and the Huneeus family, with wine holdings in Chile and California, have formed a joint venture to acquire the Chalone Wine Group and form a company to produce and market high-end wines.
Each of the three rooms here included both types of work that Rothschild has been developing--abstract geometric sculptures and representational works that amalgamate objects and images from various "alternative" cultures.
A partnership has been set up by independent investment banking group Rothschild with Leeds University and the Department for Education and Skills.
Stanley Weintraub, the author of a number of works of popular history and biography, has now written an account of the lives and times of Lionel de Rothschild, head of the London branch of the House of Rothschild from 1836 until his death in 1879, and of his wife and cousin, Charlotte.
Emma Rothschild aims to rediscover a moment when laissez-faire economic thinking was new, before it hardened into an essentially conservative doctrine in the nineteenth century.