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n.1.(Mus.) See Rota.
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MedAire's aviation medical expert, Dr Paulo Alves, and group medical director of International SOS Dr Neil Nerwich, in collaboration with Dr Alexandre Rotta and the University Hospital Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland, examined MedAire's in-flight medical events (IFME).
Contreras Ruiz Velasco R, Garcia La Rotta JA, Gonzalez Aviles JM, Rojas Diaz O, Acevedo Estrada RI, Murillo Zolezzi A.
delta]U] modelled in terms of the intensity of the second derivative of the mean velocity field (cf Rotta, 1972):
Leyenda: Adriana La Rotta, Directora Senior de Relaciones con los Medios de AS/COA y Carolina Espana, Directora Representante, CAF Colombia
Caption: Adriana La Rotta, Senior Director, Media Relations AS/COA; Carolina Espana, Director Representative, CAF Colombia
Rotta Winery, a 3,000-case, century-old family operation in Templeton, Calif.
Acompano su look con unos salones de raso de Guglielmo Rotta, un clutch en nude, guantes de piel a juego, y una pamela de rafia en beige con lazo de Fabienne Delvigne.
Meanwhile, Italo Rotta, the famous Italian architect, told KUNA that Kuwait's win of "a very special award" confirms the country's success in attracting the audience and delivering a valuable message on its role in the developmental, economic, humanitarian, and cultural fields.