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Rou·en 1

 (ro͞o-än′, -äN′)
A city of northern France on the Seine River west-northwest of Paris. Of pre-Roman origin, it was repeatedly raided by the Norse in the ninth century, became the capital of medieval Normandy in the tenth century, and was held by the English from 1419 to 1449. Joan of Arc was burned at the stake here in 1431.

Rou·en 2

 (ro͞o-än′, -äN′)
Any of a breed of domestic ducks descended from and resembling the mallard.

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(French rwɑ̃)
(Placename) a city in N France, on the River Seine: the chief river port of France; became capital of the duchy of Normandy in 912; scene of the burning of Joan of Arc (1431); university (1964). Pop: 110 276 (2006)


(ruˈɑ̃, -ˈɑn)

a city in N France, on the Seine: execution of Joan of Arc 1431. 105,083.


[ˈruːɑ̃ːŋ] NRuán m
References in classic literature ?
And if another should allege the pledge which the king had given to the Pope that he would assist him in the enterprise, in exchange for the dissolution of his marriage[*] and for the cap to Rouen,[+] to that I reply what I shall write later on concerning the faith of princes, and how it ought to be kept.
It was a humble establishment, kept by a good man from Rouen and his wife, that Philip had discovered by accident.
I am thinking now of river ports I have seen - of Antwerp, for instance; of Nantes or Bordeaux, or even old Rouen, where the night-watchmen of ships, elbows on rail, gaze at shop-windows and brilliant cafes, and see the audience go in and come out of the opera-house.
Bon-Bon had ransacked libraries which no other man had ransacked - had more than any other would have entertained a notion of reading- had understood more than any other would have conceived the possibility of understanding; and although, while he flourished, there were not wanting some authors at Rouen to assert "that his dicta evinced neither the purity of the Academy, nor the depth of the Lyceum" - although, mark me, his doctrines were by no means very generally comprehended, still it did not follow that they were difficult of comprehension.
Sent his steam yacht to Rouen for some of the famous pastry
According to the Persian's account, Erik was born in a small town not far from Rouen.
As to Aramis, he had asked for leave of absence for five days, and was gone, it was said, to Rouen on family business.
said he, in as pure French as has ever been uttered between Rouen and Tours.
There is the cathedral of Rouen, which would be entirely Gothic if it did not bathe the tip of its central spire in the zone of the Renaissance.
Aldrovinus publicly prayed in the cathedral at Rouen that God would
A stream of returning knights, of wounded soldiers, and of unransomed French noblemen, had been for a quarter of a century continually pouring into England, every one of whom exerted an influence in the direction of greater domestic refinement, while shiploads of French furniture from Calais, Rouen, and other plundered towns, had supplied our own artisans with models on which to shape their work.
The actual economy of mousseline de laine, which needs no washing, has since injured the sale of cotton fabrics enough to revolutionize the Rouen manufactories.