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n.1.A small wheel formerly fixed to the pan of firelocks for discharging them.
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Pisanello has also won a number of prizes in guitar competitions including the First Prize at the EGTA (European Guitar Teachers Association) in Switzerland in 2008, and the Third Prize at the 7th International Ligita Guitar Competition in Liechtenstein in 2015 and the Third Prize in the Concours International de Guitare de Carry Le Rouet in France.
The results indicated a hierarchical map improved comprehension for the low knowledge participant, and there was no effect content mis representation with student prior knowledge (Potelle & Rouet, 2003).
The potential reasons for these results may be due to the Internet providing abundant information resources and flexible time and space for learning (Cheng, Liang & Tsai, 2013; Rouet, 2006).
Perfetti, Britt, Rouet, Georgi, & Mason, 1994), and (b) activating prior knowledge, for example, by drawing on existing knowledge of the topic or making analogies with other time periods (Wineburg, 1998).
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The authors would like to thank Arthur MILLET (La Place Media), Corinne ABITBOL and Stephane BARON (Omnicom Media), Sophie PONCIN (Orange Advertising and SRI), Jean-Baptiste ROUET (AOD Publicis Media), and Adrien MANTELET (Amaury Medias) for providing useful information during interviews.
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Existe gran cantidad de investigaciones acerca de los efectos de las presentaciones multimedia en el campo de la comprension de textos expositivos (Mayer, 2014; Mayer & Moreno, 2002; Rouet, Lowe & Schnotz, 2008, entre otros).
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3hh Oldenburg stallion, who is by Balou du Rouet, out of a Quicksilver mare, wowed the spectators at the stallion event with his show-jumping performance.
Gilles Rouet, Gilles Rouet est professeur de relations internationales a l'Universite Matej Bel de Banska Bystrica et titulaire d'une Chaire Jean Monnet ad personam en etudes interdisciplinaires sur l'Europe depuis 2009.
Rouet, 2006) and may have reduced the impact of initial readings on student performances.