rough-skinned newt

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Noun1.rough-skinned newt - newt of humid coast from Alaska to southern California
genus Taricha, Taricha - Pacific newts
Pacific newt - any of several rough-skinned newts found in western North America
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On a visit to Mount Pisgah Arboretum today, you might encounter second-graders discovering their first rough-skinned newt with one of our volunteer nature guides, college students restoring habitat in our creek, a local expert leading a group walk to find lichens and mosses, birdwatchers exploring our oak savannahs, volunteers working together to resurface a trail, and visitors pausing to rest and reflect on a memorial bench.
We found that occupancy of 3 amphibian species (California Red-legged Frog, Ram draytonii; Sierran Treefrog, Hyliola sierra; and Rough-skinned Newt, Taricha granulosa) among 21 coastal-dune drainages was high, with most coastal-dune drainages occupied by all 3 species.
Beneath the bumpy rind of this rough-skinned citrus fruit lies a natural generosity.
In the beginning there were rough-skinned newts and snakes who wanted to eat them.
For starters, the D-tag's suction cup attachment--intended to adhere easily (and non-invasively) to smooth-sided whales--would not stick to rough-skinned manatees.
It's the same poison found in a number of other creatures, including puffer fish, several types of frogs, North America's rough-skinned newt, the blue-ringed octopus, and some other flatworms.
These include other flatworms, frogs, North America's rough-skinned newt, and the blue-ringed octopus.
Suddenly, quite unannounced, he's there at my elbow - surprisingly tall, hair fashionably tousled, in sweater and jeans, with a strong, rough-skinned handshake.
Hoary bats, bugling elks, rough-skinned newts, lungless salamanders, and even predaceous centipedes get equal billing with the famed spotted owl--in pictures by such eminent nature photographers as Frank Balthis, Michael Sewell, and Larry Ulrich.
They are the thick, muscular fingers, chipped fingernails and rough-skinned hands of a man who has worked hard battling fires as a Los Angeles City firefighter.
A squat rough-skinned green variety, Barfoot achieved year-round supply for the first time this year.
You can buy sweet potatoes in two versions: the light-skinned tuber with yellow pulp: and the moister, rough-skinned one that's bright orange when cooked--most people call this a "yam.