Round bodies

(Geom.) the sphere right cone, and right cylinder.

See also: Round

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burgdorferi become resistant to antibiotic treatment, by converting from their vegetative spirochete form into different round bodies and/or into biofilmlike colonies.
In the presence of both herbal extracts, no sign of any colony formation was observed in the cultures, but we found evidence of a few individual nonmotile but green spirochetes and round bodies.
The young bearded tits have small, round bodies and a long cinnamon-coloured tail, which they use to balance when clinging on to reedstems - hence the nickname.
His partner, Peter Lord, was horrified at the idea of trying to mould plasticine figures with spindly legs and fat round bodies - an animators' nightmare.
Among other events, shoppers can expect to see participatory chalk drawing sessions, including "crime scene" outlines round bodies.