Round game

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a game, as of cards, in which each plays on his own account.

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Captain Kirk must turn up her lobster eyes forsooth at the idea of an honest round game (wherein me fawther, as pious a man as ever went to church, me uncle Dane Malony, and our cousin the Bishop, took a hand at loo, or whist, every night of their lives).
Grant and her sister, that after making up the whist-table there would remain sufficient for a round game, and everybody being as perfectly complying and without a choice as on such occasions they always are, speculation was decided on almost as soon as whist; and Lady Bertram soon found herself in the critical situation of being applied to for her own choice between the games, and being required either to draw a card for whist or not.
The good Doctor said she was nervous, and, to relieve her, proposed a round game at cards; of which he knew as much as of the art of playing the trombone.
Southport's Lancashire Challenge Trophy second round game at Rossendale United fell victim to the weather and will now be played next Tuesday, and Marine's tie at Kendal Town was postponed for a third time, but no new date has been arranged.
Ashton Athletic's Vodkat Premier Division home game with Runcorn Linnets was also called off, and Ashton Town's First Division Trophy second round game at Oldham Town suffered the same fate.
Games: Four group matches, one second round game and one semi-final.
Algonquin defeated host Martha's Vineyard, 3-2, in a preliminary round game with Barry making 14 saves, which she considers among her most memorable moments of the season.
The 16th-seeded Beavers pulled away in the final four minutes with clutch free-throw shooting (5 for 6) by junior guard Becky Lebel, who also had 7 steals, 7 rebounds and a game-high 17 points in a 52-39 win over Parker last night in a preliminary round game in Upton.
What he's not happy about is that the first round games will be played at home sites before those winners move on to Hot Springs.
League Final Round Games, the event that determines the year's top domestic volleyball league champions.
That will see lowest ticket prices ranging from pounds 20 for first round games up to pounds 80 for the Final.
MediaZone is presenting the live broadband broadcast of 36 games including all of the First Round and Elimination Round games, as well as the Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Bronze and Gold Medals games of this year's EuroBasket from Serbia-Montenegro.