round lot

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round′ lot′

the conventional unit in which commodities or securities are bought and sold, esp. a quantity of 100 shares of a stock in a transaction. Compare odd lot.
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During the period following the Termination Date in which the Trustee holds the underlying securities, owners of HOLDRS will have the right to withdraw the underlying securities evidenced by their HOLDRS, together with any dividends or other distributions or net proceeds from the sale of any rights or other property received with respect thereto, by delivering a round-lot or an integral multiple of a round lot of HOLDRS to the Trustee and paying the applicable taxes, other charges (if any) and Trustee's fees.
Specifically, the Company meets The Nasdaq SmallCap Market initial listing requirements for (i) Stockholders' equity; (ii) Number of publicly held shares; (iii) Market value of publicly held shares; (iv) Number of round-lot shareholders; (v) Number of market makers; and (vi) Corporate governance.
In addition to other financial requirements, Washington Group now qualifies for a NASDAQ listing with the identification of 400 round-lot holders (holders with at least one hundred or more shares), which had previously been a barrier to the relisting of the company's securities.
ex24 Members wishing to trade round-lots of 100 shares or more, of most Nasdaq Global Market and Exchange Listed stocks and ETFs, can opt to route a Share-Based order to the U.