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Noun1.Rous - United States pathologist who discovered viruses that cause tumors (1879-1970)
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Unfortunately for them, Rous was part of a cosy cartel, happy to keep those fledgling footballing nations at arm's length.
ROUS ABOUT THAT THEN Scotland players, with Bett bottom left, celebrate after Gough's goal, left, allowed Souness to lift the trophy, right
Rous was born in 1879 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, and raised by his widowed mother, who persevered in supporting his education.
All this has been an act of revenge for Sir Stanley Rous having lost the FIFA presidency in 1974 to Joao Havelange.
The program offers grants for NGOs and provides financing to municipalities on competitive basis helping them look for additional funding sources," added Rous, pointing out that the program also aims at developing mechanisms of the Regional Centre for Sustainable Local Development and widening its work as a local and international node.
However, research revealed that Rous sarcoma virus takes a detour through the cell nucleus before going to the cell membrane.
Abbe Rous is the dominant presence in this incredibly lovely region of French Catalonia where the Pyrenees fall into the sea and on whose precipitous stony slopes, lined by thousand-year-old terraces, scrubby vines seem to grow out of the bare schist.
Victorian farmer Keith Rous once claimed they "fought like lions and bred like rabbits.
Leave the farm track and go left through this gate - you will see Grange Farm and the village of Rous Lench over to your right.
The first tumor-causing virus identified in any organism was the Rous sarcoma virus in chickens.
If you have a ve y dang rous tackle and Martin was rght in front of it.