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See Rivne.


(ˈrɔv nə, ˈrɒv-)

a city in NW Ukraine, NE of Lvov. 233,000.
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The contract is the supply of components rovno atove for selected positions in authority ZSR.
A police raid on right-wing militants in Rovno resulting in the death of their leader Aleksandr Muzychko, a prominent anti-government figure in the Maidan, has infuriated the right-wing sector that accuses the interior minister of orchestrating a planned assassination.
Blumenthal had resurrected pre-war Rovno, Poland—the region's “cultural pearl”—from its twisting cobblestone alleyways to its labyrinthine pine forest, where tens of thousands were slaughtered over two dark days in November 1941.
A comparative analysis of the Baltic and Rovno amber arthropod faunas: Representative samples.
Vinnytsa Dnipropetrovsk 2,067 1,559 Donetsk 3,000 2,500 Zhytomir 1,600 1,300 Ivano-Frankovsk 2,500 2,000 Kirovograd 1,900 1,500 Krivoy-Rog 1,659 1,078 Lugansk 1,800 1,260 Lutsk 1,800 1,200 Lvov 2,500 1,500 Nikolaev 1,701 1,219 Odessa 2,907 2,230 Poltava 950 900 Rovno 1,527 1,264 Sevastopol 2,000 1,700 Simferopol 1,571 1,348 Ternopol 2,800 1,610 Uzhgorod 1,400 1,200 Kharkov 1,288 1,201 Kherson 1,500 1,375 Khmelnitskiy 1,376 961 Cherkassy 1,148 882 Chernigov 1,600 1,200 Chernovtsy 2,200 2,100 Yalta 1,288 1,201 1st Quarter 2007 City Center Citywide Price Change Av.
Parisian (France), Bitterfeld (Germany), Rovno (Ukraine) and China--are beginning to yield spiders too, as are various younger resins or copals; see studies in Wunderlich (2004).
Meanwhile, Euratom loans have recently been made to Kozloduy 5 and 6 in Bulgaria, Cernavoda in Romania and Khmelnitzky and Rovno 4 in Ukraine to improve their safety standards and aid construction.
From her stuffy, gloomy, clean and tidy, overfurnished, always shuttered two-room apartment on Wessely Street in Tel Aviv (while a damp, oppressive September day gradually gathers outside), Aunt Sonia takes me to visit [her family's] mansion in the Wolja quarter in northwest Rovno.
Taxi company boss Nick Nieroda's father, Nicholas, 82, was born in Rovno in Poland.