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den′tal dam′

a flat piece of latex used to prevent the transfer of bodily fluids during cunnilingus.
[after rubber dam, a piece of latex placed over the teeth during dental work]
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Shri Gadkari said instead of going for large dams we should explore the possibility of going for check dams, rubber dams and small barrages.
90% relative humidity, in a water bath to mimic humidity and temperature conditions of oral cavity without the use of rubber dams.
However, there was a trend for dentists with less time since graduation to use glass fiber posts and rubber dams to lute posts more frequently than dentists with a longer time since graduation.
ISLAMABAD, September 16, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Turkish engineers on Thursday offered Pakistan expertise for building hi-tech rubber dams over rivers and canals which inflate and deflate water automatically and supply it to sea, rivers, fisheries and farm lands quite easily.
Fourteen latex examination gloves (powdered and non-powdered) and 5 dental rubber dams, representing 6 brands, were obtained from 5 South African public sector academic dental institutions.
Among the original ideas was the use of inflatable rubber dams to create a lake, similar to a successful project in Tempe, Ariz.
The chapters are written in an outlined format just as the theoretical chapters were organized Subjects include how to handle mixing liners, bases, cements, applying rubber dams, removing rubber dams, pit and fissure sealants, amalgam finishing, amalgam polishing, taking alginate impressions, fabricating study models, trimming study models, fabricating custom trays, elastomeric impressions, vital tooth whitening, debonding orthodontic resins, placing periodontal dressings, removing periodontal dressings, removing sutures, and temporary crowns.
Interestingly, they also make tyres for monorails and bicycles as well as huge rubber dams and various pieces of golfing equipment.
Types of X-rays and their machines and procedures, anesthetics, rubber dams, study models, and safety procedures and infection control are emphasized.
Some of these districts have used rubber dams as a cost-effective way to increase the capacity of their reservoirs, maintain adequate pick-up levels in streams, or impound rainwater runoff to recharge an aquifer.
Rubber dams are uncomfortable, but the increased protection they provide is significant.
When I was in dental school we had to use rubber dams," said Mark J.