a.1.Colored a prevailing red, bay, or black, with flecks of white or gray especially on the flanks; - said of horses.
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She said no one would be allowed to breach anyone's right, and people should know who crossed the Rubican.
JWT y Young & Rubican llegaron el ano 1966, tambien por su cuenta.
His employment at iconic advertising agencies such as Young and Rubican was evidence of his success, but 15 years in New York and all that New York entailed was enough.
El lunes 21 de enero, alrededor de las 19:30 horas, el juez Palacios Lopez manejaba con rapidez su jeep Rubican, hasta que, en la avenida Manuel L.
occurred in January, 2003 when advertising giant Young and Rubican vacated the second through sixth floors of the building, each containing approximately 14,500 s/f.
Sir Christopher is a non-executive director in Young & Rubican, which is in the process of being taken over by WPP.
Mario: Pero tambien Publicidad Guastella de Mexico, Publicistas Mexicanos, Ruthruff & Rayan, Walter Thompson de Mexico, Young & Rubican de Mexico y Gotham de Mexico.
The campaign is being developed by Young & Rubican, a New York-based ad agency.
In a series of three print advertisements, a radio spot and a brochure developed by Sive/Young & Rubican advertising agency, the Ursuline sisters steer clear of religious doctrine.
com's Steve Rubican will present "Opening Up: Sharing Data and Technology as a Growth Strategy," and Purand Darugar of Yahoo