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 (ro͞o′bĭn-stīn′), Anton Gregor 1829-1894.
Russian pianist and composer who founded the St. Petersburg Conservatory (1862). His compositions include chamber music, operas, and six symphonies.


, Arthur or Artur 1887-1982.
Polish-born American pianist particularly known for his interpretations of the works of Chopin.


1. (Biography) Anton Grigorevich (anˈtɔn ɡriˈɡɔrjɪvitʃ). 1829–94, Russian composer and pianist
2. (Biography) Artur (ˈartur). 1886–1982, US pianist, born in Poland


(ˈru bɪnˌstaɪn)

1. Anton, 1829–94, Russian pianist and composer.
2. Arthur, 1887–1982, U.S. pianist, born in Poland.
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Noun1.Rubinstein - United States pianist (born in Poland) known for his interpretations of the music of Chopin (1886-1982)Rubinstein - United States pianist (born in Poland) known for his interpretations of the music of Chopin (1886-1982)
2.Rubinstein - Russian composer and pianist (1829-1894)Rubinstein - Russian composer and pianist (1829-1894)
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They had met at Lady Berkshire's the night that Rubinstein played there, and after that used to be always seen together at the opera and wherever good music was going on.
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This report was compiled by Alexis Rubinstein, senior editor, Coffee Network, a division of New York, New York-based INTL FCStone, a Fortune 500 company focused on diversified financial markets.
In this book, authors Glazer and Rubinstein present readers with a collection of seven of their joint papers from over the last twenty years, each positing a different, new, rigorous model of economic theory.
Tali Rubinstein, an acclaimed Israeli recorder player, composer and singer who specializes in contemporary and jazz music, will perform with the Manila Symphony Orchestra on Nov.
Rubinstein, Attorney and Partner, Katzman Wasserman Bennardini & Rubinstein, P.
TAP) - United States ambassador in Tunis Daniel Rubinstein reiterated his country's commitment to keep on supporting Tunisia and asserted his entire willingness to be beside Tunisia in its economic reform plan, according to a Finance Ministry press release, Saturday.
First and foremost, it's a double display of delicious divadom, with Patti LuPone as Rubinstein and Christine Ebersole as Arden expertly commanding the stage for most of the show's two and half hours.
L' accord de garantie d'emprunt qui permettra a la Tunisie d'avoir acces a hauteur de 500 millions de dollars (sur 5 ans) aux marches des capitaux internationaux a ete signe, vendredi, a Tunis, par Slim Chaker, ministre des Finances et Daniel Rubinstein, ambassadeur des Etats Unis d'Amerique (USA) a Tunis.
Known as "Madame," Helena Rubinstein was a self-made woman who fashioned a unique and powerful persona for herself.