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(Plants) a fruit-bearing genus of shrubs including raspberries and blackberries
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Noun1.rubus - large genus of brambles bearing berriesRubus - large genus of brambles bearing berries
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
family Rosaceae, Rosaceae, rose family - a large family of dicotyledonous plants of order Rosales; have alternate leaves and five-petaled flowers with numerous stamens
bramble bush - any prickly shrub of the genus Rubus bearing edible aggregate fruits
dewberry, dewberry bush, running blackberry - any of several trailing blackberry brambles especially of North America
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PLANT OF THE WEEK Rubus cockburnianus 'Goldenvale' On your winter walks, look out for the white-stemmed bramble of Rubus cockburnianus.
Pollen of Rubus fructicosus was identified only in honey sample I, where it accounted for 8.
I planted a rubus that was meant to scurry up a skimmia and clamber into a nearby hazel.
Black Raspberry Treattarome 9846 is wholly distilled from black raspberries, Rubus leucodermis or Rubus occidentalis and delivers an authentic and well-rounded black raspberry character.
3% of the respondents frequently have yogurt and lactic acid bacteria beverages, followed by Chinese sweet tea or Rubus suvavissmus (22.