Rudbeckia hirta

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Noun1.Rudbeckia hirta - the state flower of MarylandRudbeckia hirta - the state flower of Maryland; of central and southeastern United States; having daisylike flowers with dark centers and yellow to orange rays
genus Rudbeckia, Rudbeckia - North American perennial herbs with showy cone-shaped flower heads
coneflower - any of various plants of the genus Rudbeckia cultivated for their large usually yellow daisies with prominent central cones
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It is stunning when planted in a group or with the contrasting daisy flowers of golden yellow Rudbeckia hirta Marmalade and Heliopsis scabra Golden Plume, or the bold blooms of day lilies or hemerocallis.
Pair a dreamy cerulean Salvia patens 'Patio Deep Blue' in a pot with a bright yellow Rudbeckia hirta such as 'Prairie Sun' for a sensational combo that will bloom into the fall.
2 Ratibida pinnata Elymus canadensis Rudbeckia fulgida Ely mus repens * Rudbeckia hirta Elymus virginicus Rumex crispus * Equisetum arvense Schizachyrium scoparium Equisetum hyemale Setaria faberi affine Equisetum Solanum ptycanthum laevigatum Eragrostis Solidago canadensis pectinacea Eragrostis sp.
my favourite Fired up every autumn with this rich, rustic mix ONE annual we use here every year is Rudbeckia hirta 'Rustic Dwarfs Mixed'.
Although it's too late to sow them for this year, it's worth considering making a splash next year with Rudbeckia hirta 'Rustic Dwarfs Mixed'.
Rudbeckia hirta is one of the most widely cultivated groups with large showy single or semi double flowers and long hairy leaves.