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n.1.A moat with water in it; also, a small stream; a runlet.
1.A circle.
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He played under the baton of such conductors as Maestro Rauf Abdullayev, Nikoloz Rachveli, Ennio Morricone, Maxim Vengerov, Laurent Petitgirard, Peter Rundel, Ignat Solzhenitsyn and Sir Neville Marriner.
Scientist Philip Rundel produced the first official grove list in 1972, with a grand total of 75 groves.
Arianoutsou M, Rundel PW, Berry WL (1993) Serpentine endemics as biological indicators of soil elemental concentrations.
Overlap areas were calculated using the gIntersects and gArea functions in the rgeos (Bivand and Rundel 2014) package in R.
Tenders are invited for Rundel library alterations phase 2 & bausch & lomb library alterations.
Entre los antecedentes que indican esta separacion, se encuentran Rundel et al.
Resident Heidi Rundel said she found out about the road closure on Monday.
Rather than arguing, then, that the conditions of life in maximum security--described with both drama and painful, analytical detail by doctors Rundel and Zimbardo--justified the killing of guards (allegedly) by these six prisoners, the defense claims that such conditions affect every prisoner equally, thus raising the previously mentioned possibility that any one or more of the 27 inmates housed in the San Quentin Adjustment Center on August 21 could have been responsible for the killings.
It has long been thought that the evolution of widespread sclerophylly was initially an adaptation to low soil fertility, particularly phosphorous, with the ability to withstand aridity and fire seen almost as a secondary adaptation of the sclerophyllous habit (Loveless, 1962; Beadle, 1981; Specht & Rundel, 1990; Hill, 1998).
Estudios recientes utilizando modelos de distribucion tocan estos temas para la conservacion de los habitats amenazados (Riordan & Rundel 2009) y ayudar a vincular la distribucion genetica y geografica (Thomassen et al.
areas (Arriaga & Leon, 1989; Rundel & Boonpragob, 1995; Trejo, 1996; Cerros-Tlatilpa & Espejo-Serna, 1998; Camacho-Rico et al.