Running part

(Naut.) that part of a rope that is hauled upon, - in distinction from the standing part.

See also: Running

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This would not do for a draw-knife, so he laid hold of the running part, hove taut, and made fast.
This was quickly lowered to Ahab, who at once comprehending it all, slid his solitary thigh into the curve of the hook (it was like sitting in the fluke of an anchor, or the crotch of an apple tree), and then giving the word, held himself fast, and at the same time also helped to hoist his own weight, by pulling hand-over-hand upon one of the running parts of the tackle.
In the former case, the running-part may be striped black; and in the latter case, gold striping may be put on the running part, and on the body a fine gold line in place of the canary yellow.
In a newsletter story announcing the decision, the school stated, "The running part of this activity is healthy and encouraged; however, in this game, there is a `victim' or `It,' which creates a self-esteem issue.
Tenders are invited for Aluminothermic Welding Consumables for Carrying Rails and Running Parts of the Switches (At Kits)
Also, molders running parts with dissimilar colors can rectify throughput imbalances.