n.1.A breaking or bursting open; breach; rupture.
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The interA[degrees] face delivers faster switching, new quick settings, offers additional content searches without interA[degrees] ruption and boasts quicker booting and loading times.
1/2 Il y a une ruption en cours sous la couche de glace, probablement une petite ruption qui n'a pas pu faire fondre cette couverture [c], a dclar Theodor Hervasson, directeur excutif de la division des alertes et des prvisions l'IMO.
He also hit out over the planned road closure falling during the busiest months of the year for the village, posing dis ruption for motorists.
Bryan Gee returns for the first time since 2008, backed up by MC Funsta with support from DJs Noizee B, MC Toddler, Ruption and Midlands DJs Omnitrix and Dr Phil.
Iran is ranked 146 out of 178 countries listed in Transparency International's 2010 Cor ruption Perception Index.
However, the ECB held a board meeting afterwards and released a statement which read: "The ECB has received confirmation that no England players nor member of management are involved in any allegation linked with ACSU (Anti-Cor-r ruption and Security Unit) activities.
Once fully connected, any GCC state suffering a sudden dis- ruption in its power supply will be able to dip into the supply of its neighbors.
They were arrested on suspicion of bribery and cor-r ruption, conspiracy to pay bribes, money laundering and false accounting.
Walsall Council leader Coun John O'Ha re said: "Every effort is still being made to minimized is ruption and keep residents and service users up to date on any dev elopments.
Prime Minister Gordon Brown last night urged both sides to resume negotiations, adding that contingency plans were in place to minimized is ruption to the public.
Taylor ruption and the Economic Impact of War 11566 Daniel S.
Photo: (1) The downed Beechcraft created but a brief dis ruption Saturday near the 15th tee at the Hansen Dam Golf Course.