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 (ro͝or′ĭk, ro͞o′rĭk) Died c. 879.
Scandinavian warrior and the founder of the dynasty that ruled Russia until 1598.


(ˈrʊərɪk) or


(Biography) died 879. Varangian (Scandinavian Viking) leader who founded the Russian monarchy. He gained control over Novgorod (?862) and his dynasty, the Rurikids, ruled until 1598


(ˈrʊər ɪk)

died a.d. 879, Scandinavian prince: considered the founder of the Russian monarchy.
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Prince Andrew was looking at a large gilt frame, new to him, containing the genealogical tree of the Princes Bolkonski, opposite which hung another such frame with a badly painted portrait (evidently by the hand of the artist belonging to the estate) of a ruling prince, in a crown- an alleged descendant of Rurik and ancestor of the Bolkonskis.
And with all this, Stepan Arkadyevitch, who liked a joke, was fond of puzzling a plain man by saying that if he prided himself on his origin, he ought not to stop at Rurik and disown the first founder of his family--the monkey.
Uri Geiger and Rurik Vandevenne have announced that they do not intend to stand for re-election at the Company's 2016 annual stockholders meeting following the expiration of their current terms.
Double murder suspect Rurik Jutting is so scared of being targeted in the jail he is currying favour with some of China's most notorious inmates.
Rurik Jutting, 30, is using his knowledge of law and English to help notorious criminals understand complex legal files.
BRITISH banker Rurik Jutting is to plead not guilty to murdering two sex workers found stabbed in his luxury Hong Kong flat.
50 QPR; 49 1980); in (Ham West 48 Warwickshire; 47 2009); in (Soderling Robin 46 Doha; 45 Lafferty; Kyle and Welbeck Danny 44 Connors; Jimmy 43 Glamorgan; 42 Nine; 41 Carolina; North Charlotte, 40 Guernsey; 39 Six; 38 1997; 37 Blackburn; 36 1912); Sox, Red Boston (Park Fenway 35 Liverpool; 34 39; 33 Kyvat; Daniil 32 Stein; Colin 31 1978); and 1974 1961, (Three 30 Philadelphia; 29 Durham; 28 Wednesday; Sheffield 27 Porter; Shawn 26 2002; 25 Diabetes; 24 Germany; 23 Heads; Talking 22 Jutting; Rurik 21 Albion; Hove and Brighton 20 laptop; His 19 Holborn; 18 Seven; 17 Mitchell; Joni 16 Australia; 15 Scunthorpe; 14 Cynthia; 13 Buhari; Muhammadu 12 Milk; 11 117; 10 Pike; Rosamund 9 Paracetamol; 8 60; 7 billion; 2.
Rurik Bradbury, CMO at Trustev, suggests that the relatively fragmented retail space has little leverage with the more consolidated financial industry, which wants to keep taking its processing fees from merchants, so has little incentive to make any changes regarding chargeback rules.
Brit banker Rurik Jutting, 29, is arrested in Hong Kong in connection with the murder of two Indonesian sex workers.
BRITISH banker Rurik Jutting has been ruled mentally fit to stand trial for the murder of two women in Hong Kong.
As the victims' mutilated bodies were due to be flown home to Indonesia, Rurik Jutting shot a grin from the back of a prison van following the hearing.
Hong Kong police have charged 29-year-old British banker Rurik George Caton Jutting with two counts of murder in the deaths of 29-year-old Seneng Mujiasih and 25-year-old Sumarti Ningsih.