Rush line

(Football) the line composed of rushers.

See also: Rush

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Stoke immediately hit back and after pressing on the Rush line were rewarded with a penalty which they kicked to narrow the scores.
In terms of patient comfort and satisfaction; the RUSH line of feet are really making a difference in amputee's lives by reducing socket issues and improving gait alignment for more natural walking and mobility experiences.
Since its debut in 2009, the RUSH line has established the standard for terrain domination and trail performance, built on the PRO-RIDE chassis and supported by the innovative PRO-RIDE Progressive Rate Rear Suspension.
Civil Service then had their best period of the match, camping on the Rush line for ten minutes or more.
Re-packaged and expanded to six flavors the Organic Apple Rush line had its first production run in the spring of 2007.
Kehe Foods recently approved the whole Organic Apple Rush line for distribution in their vast network that covers 37 states in the US and Mexico.
This site will serve as the exclusive on-line location to view and purchase the entire Gordon Rush line and support his retail partners including Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.
The key benefit of the show for RushNet was the approval of the Organic Apple Rush line by two of the largest U.
The timing was fortuitous as the Organic Apple Rush line is being featured in newspaper ads and case displays at numerous Chicago Supermarket chains over the 4th of July holiday marketing cycle.
The most outstanding interest came from a Restaurant Chain with 450 locations who showed great interest in the Apple Rush line and requested a presentation at its home office in Minnesota.