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 (rŭs′kē, ro͞os′-)
n. pl. Rus·skies
Offensive A Russian.

[Russian russkiĭ, Russian, from Rus', Rus; see Rus.]

Rus′sky adj.


(ˈrʌskɪ) or


n, adj, pl -kies or -kis
(Peoples) chiefly US a slang word for Russian


nIwan m, → Russki m; the Russkiesder Iwan
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According to him, Chinese companies have a great interest in the TOP, which is planned to be created on the Russky Island in Vladivostok.
Never mind the red under the bed, beware the Russky embedded in your RAM.
They visited Vladivostok City Seaport, Yankovsky Logistics Park, Russky Bridge as well as major enterprises including Far East Development Corporation, Far Eastern Shipping Company and Pacific Investment Group.
Former first deputy head of Russky Torgovo-Promishlenny Bank (Ruskobank), Anton Yurkovets, is to be prosecuted for exceeding official powers.
Plans are afoot to turn the city's once almost inaccessible Russky Island into a world-class conference venue.
According to Russian television, Putin's statement came during his speech to the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) which is currently underway on Russky Island near Russia's eastern city of Vladivostok.
Far Eastern Federal University, 690922, city of Vladivostok, Russky Island, Ajax 10, FEFU Campus, Russian Federation
Analysis of data from stations near the islands Russky, Popov, Reyneke, and Ricord showed that the highest concentrations of DST occurred at station 16 (Fig.
Gallina Blanca Star, Russky Produkt OAO, Podravka d.
As in 2013, emerging markets currencies were toast, led by the Russky (Putin) Ruble.
Russky Produkt OAO remains the leading company in Russia in concentrates with a 28% value share in 2013.
Instead, guests were bundled onto two boats and ferried up the harbour to the Russky Island site of the city's new university, where the 2012 APEC conference was held.