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Noun1.Ruth Benedict - United States anthropologist (1887-1948)
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En este sentido incluimos, y por el bien de la homeostasis mediologica que tanto gustaba a McLuhan, un texto muy antiguo, de la antropologa Ruth Benedict, titulado "Tazas de barro", como frontispicio a este numero abalanzado sobre las mutaciones e innovaciones digitales.
1) This explicit link between area studies and interrogation of the enemy is especially obvious in the work of Ruth Benedict, whose scholarship continues to impact Japanese studies today, and who helped produce an "area" deemed worthy of study in the US: Japan.
I was surprised to learn that she was a student in the famed 1926 introductory class in anthropology at Barnard, taught by Franz Boas and Ruth Benedict, with Margaret Mead, then a Columbia graduate student, as their assistant, since Boas, Benedict, and Mead rarely mention Du Bois in their writings about those years.
Aspiraba a una carrera de trabajo social; pero una conferencia de Ruth Benedict en Columbia le convencio de entrar al programa de Antropologia de esa universidad, el primero en crearse en los EE.
La nocion de configuracion cultural que nos propone Grimson nos remite, en parte, a Ruth Benedict y Franz Boas en su apuesta por comprender la cultura en sus propiedades de totalidad historicamente situada; pero se diferencia en tanto incorpora de manera explicita el poder, la hegemonia y las condicionantes estructurales de la desigualdad.
In 1933, she studied at Columbia University, under the tutelage of great anthropologists like Margaret Mead and Ruth Benedict.
Chapter three highlights two of Boas' students, Ruth Benedict and Margaret Mead.
In her classic 1934 work Patterns of Culture, Ruth Benedict discusses the role of custom and tradition in an individual's cultural experience and belief system.
The American anthropologist Ruth Benedict describes this dispossession as a 'loss of something that had value equal to that of life itself, the whole fabric of a people's standards and beliefs'.
Other musicians and scholars she discusses are Jacqueline du Pres, William James, Ruth Benedict, and Nadia Boulanger.
However, Gray's work, particularly with its focus on queer youth, is a welcome addition to this scholarship, and with good reason it was awarded the 2009 Ruth Benedict Prize by the American Anthropological Association for outstanding monograph.