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com: a derogatory term for a girl or woman), Tiputa (Wikipedia: a village on the French Polynesian atoll of Rangiroa) teddi tided (W3) tedrid dirted (W3) thawro aworth (W2), hot war(W3), wroath (OED) tricu rutic (W3)
This seemed to me cooking by numbers rather than cooking with care - a sort of cynical pastiche of the fine, rutic fare that might be eaten in a Spanish tapas joint.
Southeast College Houston: 2524 Garland y Rutic (SRD 145) Eastside Campus Annex Sunnyside: Sunnyside Multi-Service Center (SRD 146-S) 4605 Wilmington LUGARES PARA VOTACION POR ADELANTADA OFICINA PRINCIPAL: 1301 PRAIRIE, DECIMOSEXTO PISO LOS SITIOS PARA VOTAR PUEDEN CAMBIAR AREA DEL SUROESTE Alief: Alief Regional Branch Library (SRD 149) 7979 South Kirkwood Area de Fiesta Mart, Inc.