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A mountain range of east-central Africa, rising to 5,109 m (16,763 ft) on the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The range was explored in 1889 by Henry M. Stanley and may have been the geographer Ptolemy's Mountains of the Moon, which the ancients erroneously supposed was the source of the Nile River.


(Placename) a mountain range in central Africa, on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo between Lakes Edward and Albert: generally thought to be Ptolemy's "Mountains of the Moon". Highest peak: Mount Stanley, 5109 m (16 763 ft)


(ˌru wənˈzɔr i, -ˈzoʊr i)

a mountain group in central Africa between Lake Albert and Lake Edward. Highest peak, Mt. Ngaliema. 16,763 ft. (5109 m).
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As the sun slipped lower in the sky, casting a golden glow over the lower slopes of the Ruwenzori, the Mountains of the Moon, the smell of wood smoke wafted across the resettlement camp.
Our June issue's feature on the sources of the River Nile was supposed to show a stunning picture of Ruwenzori mountains on the border of Uganda.
According to dpa, Mud slidown mountains belonging to the Ruwenzori range and hit the town of Bubukwanga and surrounding areas near the Congolese border.
Half of the 50 million new shares allocated to Glencore were confirmed as having been applied for on behalf of Ruwenzori Limited, a special purpose vehicle (SPV) which, according to Nikanor is "managed by RP Capital in which a major shareholder is a discretionary trust, in which Dan Gertler is a potential ultimate beneficiary".
Some of the most compelling images in the Atlas, which was launched today at the 15th Regular session of the African Ministerial Conference on Environment (AMCEN) in Cairo, Egypt, include the dramatic reduction in mountain glaciers on Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Ruwenzori, as well as the proximity of Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to Nyiragongo Mountain - one of the most active volcanoes in the world.
ADF was formed in 1996 by a Muslim sect in the Ruwenzori mounA[degrees] tains of western Uganda.
Try the juicy but delicate flavours of Tahitian Vanilla; the high quality pods from small family farms in Papua New Guinea; savour the exclusive vanilla from the UNESCO Biosphere reserve in Mananara-North in Madagascar and make the most of the limited supply of Congolese vanilla pods from the foothills of the Ruwenzori Mountains.
Ruwenzori Mountains), a pre-acclimatization for 24-48 hours should be possible for most industrial or business tasks or for travelling.
Following an introduction to his works, the book presents breathtaking photos of Alaska, Caucasus, the Alps, Sikkim, Ruwenzori, and Karakoram taken between 1884 and 1909, and including panoramas, which show amazing artistic and technical ability rivaling that of photographers today.
It is noteworthy as well that, in this beginning chapter, as in other places, the authors' delightful prose is captured in their description of the Ruwenzori Mountains when they write, "Here in the Ruwenzori earthworms will grow to three feet, canaries five feet from beak to tail, all dominated by gigantic flowering trees of great age.