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(in India) a peasant or tenant farmer
[C17: from Hindi ra'īyat, from Arabic ra'īyah flock, peasants, from ra'ā pasture]


(ˈraɪ ət)

(in India) a tenant farmer; peasant.
[1615–25; < Hindi raiyat < Persian < Arabic ra‘īyah subjects, literally, flock]
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RYOT shares in our belief that leadership fosters strong rural communities.
Two Naib-Dewans (Deputies of the Nawab in the field of revenue administration) remained directly responsible for the collection of revenue (12) and under their control and supervision Zamindars (somewhat like feudal landlords) collected land revenue from the ryots (cultivators/peasants).
Of the oppressive hierarchy Machell wrote in 1846: "When at last you come to the Ryot you find him ground to the dust by his numerous overseers and of course the lower the overseer is the more severely he rides on the necks of the people, it is an old story with them 'a poor man over a poor man, and no pity'.
9) Lord Lytton to Lord Salisbury (11 May, 1877): "I am convinced that the fundamental mistake of able and experienced Indian officials is a belief that we can hold India securely by what they call good government; that is to say by improving the condition of the ryot, strictly administering justice, spending immense sums on irrigation works, etc.
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The group of 17 climbers, including Grammy-nominated musician Kenna, musician Mark Foster of Foster the People, actors Justin Chatwin and Beau Garrett, RYOT.
Oliver today announced that nearly two tons of trash and 100 tires were recently removed from an illegal dumpsite abutting Gallitzin State Forest, along Ryot Road in West St.
Oliver today issued a call for volunteers to help clean up an illegal dumpsite along Ryot Road in Gallitzin State Forest, Bedford County, as part of the Forest Lands Beautification Program.