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Noun1.S-shape - a double curve resembling the letter S
curve, curved shape - the trace of a point whose direction of motion changes
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Others included a post-Medieval French coin, bent into an s-shape "in the manner of a love token" discovered in Kirkburton.
When the fault displacement is small, the deflection curve is smooth S-shape.
Children whizzed past us as Max showed us how to shift our weight from one leg to the other and complete an S-shape down the slope.
The direction they carried him was in a reverse S-shape from behind the goal by pen 4, across the pitch up to the far corner where the ambulances came in.
The newest additions to the Attain Performa lead portfolio, the S-shape and Straight leads, are designed to accommodate patients' varying vessel sizes and curvatures to enhance successful lead placement.
Next came flying changes in serpentine (change of canter lead while making an S-shape in the arena), followed by the Spanish Walk, and more half passes in all gaits (walk/trot/canter).
Either way, I'll cast across the current and a little downstream and, depending on the speed of the water flow, I may throw some slack in an S-shape to allow the fly to sink deeper before the drag of the line causes the fly to start riding-up in a strong current.
EASTERN BROWN SNAKE The second most venomous snake can be found in Sydney suburbs and, when agitated, will hold their necks high, appearing in an upright S-shape before pumping you full of venom.
Next, the researchers would like to include more elements of the snake's real gliding conditions into their computer simulations, such as its full body forming an S-shape, rather than working with just a section.
He got up, went into the lounge, where the snake was being kept, to find one of his friends asleep on the sofa and this snake rearing up at him in an S-shape, its jaws open like a cobra.
Its unique S-shape design provides comfort while talking and messaging on the device.
The swing seat is designed with a curvaceous S-shape with a slatted back and a large enough seat to curl up in.