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1. science.
2. scientific.
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Oh, I've done a good deal of dissecting before, animals, you know, for the Pre Sci.
He will also support a high-performance culture that makes SCI the employer of choice in the EMS industry.
In failing to recognize these challenges during diagnostic evaluation and treatment planning, persons with SCI have been treated ineffectively and/or inappropriately.
Rehabilitation of people with SCI is an intensive process that includes training in daily living skills, mobility, communication capabilities, and in psychosocial adaption to disability.
SCI Real Estate Development has been active in the Northeast since 1979, developing commercial and residential properties in the metropolitan areas of Boston and New York totaling more than 1 million square feet.
Lyons III, SCI Co-Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, said SCI began researching distribution and logistics trends in Europe in 1995 and assembled a consulting team of leading European logistics professionals to help SCI identify key long-term trends.
Because the effects of SCI and the individual's adaptations to injury are not static, short term or acute, but rather unfold over the lifetime, the individual's integration into the community must evolve over time.
There is not likely to ever be a standard recipe for successful vocational outcome because the personal and environmental factors which determine return to work tend to differ among persons with SCI.
Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) has granted the licenses to SCi for the comic book version of Batman, the Looney Tunes, select titles from the Hanna-Barbera catalog and television properties The OC, Loonatics Unleashed and Legion of Super Heroes.
Contained within the MCV complex is the complete continuum of care for patients with SCI, including a state-of-the-art neuroscience intensive care unit, a neuroscience progressive care unit, a neurosurgery unit, and a CARF-accredited SCI rehabilitation program.
On May 18, 1995, SCI announced that it was considering a proposal to acquire the minority shares of SCI Canada at a price of Cdn.
Wattles, SCI's Co-Chairman and Chief Investment Officer stated that SCI is still in the early stages of major growth.