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Previous studies have tested the efficiency, safety and adaptability of ASV and have demonstrated improvement in patient-ventilator interaction and reduction in signs of asynchrony with ASV, compared with SIMV.
Mechanical ventilation set on SIMV mode was started in the supine position.
These subjects provided 55 observations of SIMV mode ventilation, 28 in the morning and 27 in the afternoon (Figure 1).
5) Chronic 14 (2) Other 26 (3) Modes of ventilation (N = 1 214), n (%) ASV 1 016 (84) SIMV 258 (21) Pressure control 152 (13) Assist control 34 (3) Pressure support 141 (12) CPR = cardiopulmonary resuscitation; ASV = adaptive support ventilation; SIMV = synchronised intermittent mandatory ventilation.
ECMO initiated 7 Medically sedated, now on PROM continued, ECMO, SIMV, and s/p mother instructed in tracheostomy PROM and donning/doffing the PRAFOs.
Although it is customary to convert to pressure supported ventilation, this is not strictly necessary, as by stretching the distance between releases or reducing the difference between high and low pressures, APRV not only can be made to resemble a "mirror image" of SIMV, but also can be employed to serve a similar weaning function.